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Spirit Board – Instructions

Below we have listed the instructions for using our Spirit Boards, its important that you play by the book to ensure a more enjoyable Spirit Board experience.

Step 1:

Get a group of people together with a minimum attendance of two and gather within the kitchen, living room or bedroom, generally a place where you feel the most comfortable, safe and secure. Every participant should sit around the Spirit Board, with hands or knees touching together. This will increase the “energy” flow within the room. Many believers are convinced that the more people you have in the room, the more energy is generated, which makes contact with the spiritual world easier and more likely.
We recommend that you invite the ones close to you, whether this be a close friend or family members as this can help calm the atmosphere and build trust within the group. There should be one person who is designated to be the medium which will be the person who will ask the questions to the spirit world. The person with the most belief in the Spirit Board or Spirits would be the best choice.

Step 2:

All participants are able to warm the board up by touching the wooden planchette provided with your Spirit Board purchase. The planchette is one of the main features of the board that enables the spirits to spell out answers to the questions asked by the allocated medium. You must not use anything sharp items on the board to avoid scratching its surface. By placing the fingers lightly on the planchette, this will make it easier for the spirits to move, do not move or force the movement the planchette yourself in any way.
Chances are, if the planchette is not responding to a light touch, then no spirit will be present. There needs to be enough psychic energy within the group, so try to concentrate on specific questions or meditate as a group to increase the energy.

Step 3:

Now you are ready to ask if any spirits present would like to come forward and communicate with the group. You can ask a question such as “Are there any spirits in this room that would like to talk to any member of this group”. Also mention to the spirits that you only wish them to communicate with the group from the board only. When the whole group is ready, you can then move the wooden planchette around in circles or to YES, in order to invite spirits on the board.
You are able to guard yourself from evil spirits by stating that only good spirits are welcome to communicate. Make certain that you are in control of the board and dont concentrate on any other paranormal activity within the room, such as knocks, bangs, tapping ect. By asking the spirits to use the board or leave, you are protecting everyone present.

Step 4:

It could take around 20 minutes or so before any spirits decide to communicate with the group, so everyone present must remain patient and positive. You can move the wooden planchette slowly around in circles and then pause, to try and entice spirits to join the board. Usually, after a few times round the board, a spirit will join and then you can progress.
If no spirits connect with the board after around 45 minutes, then you might have better luck trying it another day. You must then close down the board according to the instructions provided within step 7.

Step 5:

If and when a spirit connects with the board, you can progress the session by asking more complex questions. The spirit may connect with a certain person within the group, if this happens, allow that person to phrase the questions asked by the allocated medium. Answers are provided to the group through the energy in the room and spirits, which is then transferred through the users, into the planchette, which then spontaneously spells out the answers on the Spirit board.
It is not advised to ask questions about your own death or the death of another person. Just because the Spirit Board says something, you must not believe this to be entirely true. To verify answers, you can ask the same questions twice at different intervals throughout the session.
Examples Of Questions You Can Ask Any Spirits Present:
1. When did you live on this world? Are you from earth, or another planet?
2. Whats the name of the city, place or area you used to live?
3. What was your occupation? Did you have any hobbies?
4. Is there something you would like to tell the group?
5. Do you have a name? Did you have a nickname you prefer?
6. Do you know anyone present in the room?

Step 6:

Allocate someone within the group to write down questions and also the answers provided by the spirits through the Spirit Board. Not all spirits that connect with the group may speak the same language. Some spirits may even spell out words related to symbols if the spirit is from ancient times. For example: “round” could be a cookie, a ball, a ritual circle. By writing down the words, you are able to figure out the answers more easily when its shared with the group. Work together to decode any messages related to the recent questions asked.

Step 7:

Once you are ready to finish the session and you have asked all the questions you have decided within the group, or maybe the spirit has stopped talking, then you must ensure to close the board. You can do this by allowing the allocated medium to move the wooden planchette to “GOODBYE”. Closing the Spirit Board at the end of every session is a must.
The more experienced users know that its highly important to close the gateway between the living and the spirit world that enabled the communication between the two in the first place. If the spirit on the board fails to move the planchette to “GOODBYE”, then ensure you let the spirit know that you are saying goodbye and ask for that spirit to do the same.
If the spirit fails to acknowledge that you are wanting to leave and the spirit will not move the planchette to “GOODBYE”, then the allocated medium must raise their voice and say GOODBYE and LEAVE out loud. Then ensure that all users within the group remove their fingers from the wooden planchette.

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